Trolls head canons!!


Broppy (Branch x Poppy) 

Chaz x Hickory (Bitter situationship, rekindled)

Viva x Barb (they bond over abandonment issues)

Barb x Carol

Viva x Clay

John Dory x Delta Dawn (bitter exes, rekindled)

Val x Holly Darling 

One sided Creek x Branch (Creek likes Branch, Branch hates Creek)

Broppy headcanons:

  • Branch admired Poppy for years but hated it and never wanted to admit it
  • Poppy adhd, Branch autism
  • They both get flustered easily and both take advantage of it 
  • They get engaged after Trolls: Band Together but live separately for a long time because they like their separate routines and living in their own houses
  • Seeing each other for the first time of the day is their favorite part of the day
  • They have sleepovers all the time
  • Branch does eventually move into Poppy's pod 
  • Branch: "Do you think we're soulmates in every universe?" Poppy: "Of course we are silly :D" *boop*
  • Poppy: "Would you still love me if I was a worm?" Branch: "What? why are you a worm? Have you always been a worm or is this a new development- *goes on and on*" 
  • Branch always holds Poppys hand or she will wander off

Trolls: World Tour Headcanons:

  • Barb had a crush on Poppy but had to get over it because she didn't want to break up broppy 
  • Barb has major issues and is terrified of her dad dying
  • Barb is secretly a rock & pop troll and hated it
  • Barb still uses 'pop___' nicknames for Poppy
  • Poppy and Barb bond over being queens
  • Hickory and Chaz have ALOT of history

Trolls: Band Together Headcanons:

  • After Tbt Branch and Poppy write BroZone hypothetical songs
  • Floyd feels bad for Veener and everyone thrashes him for it
  • The Put-put trolls move to Pop village (including Clay)
  • Put-put trolls are a separate species from Pop trolls
  • Put-put trolls are monochrome
  • Put-put trolls sweater are made of hair (no other materials)
  • Viva has MAJOR abandonment and attachment issues and sleeps in Poppy's bedroom for the first few weeks
  • Floyd moves to Pop village into Branch's bunker and stays when Branch moves out
  • Viva never really wanted the thrown
  • Grandma tried staying in touch with the boys but couldn't keep up with the addresses and started disliking them for leaving Branch

BroZone Headcanons:

  • Favorite brother round:
JD > Bruce (they were really close when they were younger)

Bruce > Clay (They were close when they were younger and clay was always chill)

Clay > Floyd (He joined the book club and let him be more then the "fun one") 

Floyd > Can't pick (Loves all his brothers dearly)

Branch > Floyd 

  • BroZone ages around the split (+ Viva & Poppy)

JD > 20

Bruce > 19

Clay > 17

Floyd > 15

Bitty B > 3

Viva > 17

Poppy > 13 months
  • Floyd has some vocal and mobility issues after Velvet & Veener
  • Floyd never regains all his color
  • Floyd asks about Grandma and Branch starts SOBBING
  • Bruce keeps giving Branch unsolicited relationship advice
  • BroZone first started taking off after escaping the troll tree
  • BroZones parents left after BroZone made enough to sustain themselves (Still in the troll tree, Branch was an egg)
  • BroZones dad left to hike the Neverglade trail
  • BroZone mom left to persue solo carrier (didn't take off)
  • JD has deeply instilled parental issues that made him obsessed with being perfect
  • New BroZone titles (Post Band Together)
John Dory the Adventuress one

Bruce the Chill one

Clay the Serious one

Floyd the Emotional one

Branch the Leader

General Trolls Headcanons:

  • Viva was 16 almost 17 when they left the troll tree
  • Poppy remembers every single invite she's ever sent (also the ones from the holiday special)
  • Glitter trolls are the decedents of disco trolls
  • Tiny is an everything troll but mostly rap
  • The first Kpop trolls were dependents of Pop trolls and branched into their own species
  • Branch is an everything troll but is weary of rock 
  • Trolls age differently (they go through child- and teen hood, young adult hood last long and trolls will be the human equivalent to young adult till their 60's-70's and then the ageing process goes fast and trolls will be in the middle-old age stage of their lives in the span of 10 years until death)

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