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About me!!!


So first I started using spacehey in like 2021 or something and then I just forgot about it until now

First of all, Im a 14 year old girlie. I'm a libra and an INFP (I think so)! I have a 5 year old American Cocker-spaniel and he's such a cutie! His names Teddy! I really love all kind of animals but my fav are ofc dogs.

I really like photography but recently my camera broke so I can't do anything anymore 👎🏼 I like writing too. I don't write a lot but when I do I really enjoy it. I like reading too but these last few months I haven't read anything. School is really destroying my creativity huh 😔

I wanted to become a designer but I can't draw at all, so I decided to become a journalist! (Like in devil wears prada) I suck at all things math, literally. And physics and chemistry too. Why do they have to existttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

I love videogames so much omll Im currently saving up to buy a ps5 so I can literally play everything with better graphics and etc!! My fav game currently is Omori...I played it months ago nd Im still obsessed 

I love every single horror game that exists especially fran bow, sally face, mad father and etc.

I love movies a lot but sometimes Im just too lazy to watch them. Ive watched a lot of romcom movies and I want to watch more so pls give recommendations! Also obsessed with romance anime (even tho they make me feel single) but my all time fav will always be AOT

I love a lot of random music, I js get it from my friends and from the internet! My fav singer rn is beabadoobee!! (I LOVE HER SM HELP) and my fav band will forever be radiohead (or mcr). I haven't listened to a lot of songs from ''The 1975'' but I love ''About you'' SO MUCH. (Especially the part when Carly holt starts singing, literal eargasm!!!!)

I love collecting stuff, like dvds and manga, which is the reason for me completely going broke! I like thrifting too.

My personality changes literally everyday and my taste does too, especially if I watch a new movie or listen to a new band/artist!!

The one and only loml is my bsf!!

and my biggest idol is tommy february6 i love her sm shes so amazing god

and thats about it!❣️❣️ 

  ╱|、 (˚ˎ 。7 |、˜〵 じしˍ,)ノ


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yellow, you know puppet combo VHS 80s horror? they do a lot of games and go sometimes by the company name Torture Star, the graphics are meant to look silly and old so i find it funny, also, the voices are sooo bad, like old bad, i love it!! and you live with one of my favorite dogs, Cocker Spaniels are adorable, even though im a soul Pomerania.

Thats about it! i write too, last time i check im a INFP too (the coincidences are killin me holy hell), and im also a libra--- i swear im chuckling while writing-- if u wanna recommend rom coms or love stories in general, im open! :3

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Thank uuuu for the recommendationnn!! I love video games w bad quality cus they always turn out to be the best!
It seems like we're basically the same personnnn! I literally love every kind of dog, especially the small ones
Also there r a lot of great romcoms I could recommend but rn My favs are Bride wars, Love rosie and Mamma mia!
and I see that u like narnia..........I WAS SO OBSESSED W NARNIA AS A KID. Still am ngl!

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