pulled an all nighter last night accdentally, got distracted watching beta squad (sharky is the goat btw) so when i got up i ate one cookie it wasnt very good so i was sad. but then i went and just messed around for a few hours on my phone als laptop after that i was jornaling but then something started to smell, it was me so i got up and decided to have an everything shower, i grabbed all of my stuff and raced to the bathroom for the showa it lasted around 40 minutes bc it was an everything shower so DUH! anyways when i got out i felt like i was about to faint and i walked back to my room bearly holding myself up i bloody fainted but i landed on my bed thankfully and i was there for a while until i woke up in my towel and got dressed and went back to sleep because i was so tired from the all nighter and then i woke up again at like 5:00 by my stepmother asking for the school booklist and i also got my amazing JOHNNIE GUILBERT PLUSHIE from youtooz so i sat in my room watching youtube until dinner and i had butter chicken and rice, while i was eating my little brother elijah (2) and my older sister miki (16) comin upstairs from my sisters flat down stairs, turns out my little brother elijah is sleeping over tonight (he lives with my mum) so i took a break from eating my dinner and played with him and a few minutes later i got back to eating dinner and finished it. after that i went downstairs to spend time with my brother downstairs and pick up the tv from downstairs to use until i get a new one (my own tv broke, thank god for the warranty) after comin back upstairs and called my friend, we spoke for a bit while i set up the tv and now im here, night 


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