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SpaceHey x MySpace

ive had this account for a little over an year now and in the past few months ive seen alot people around the ages of 11-13 joining, that i cant lie- you kids literally have better things todo like live your childhoods unlike alot of us 'older' people.

but most people join this to either relive myspace or want to experience myspace. 

but to the young kids on here this is a pre warning if you want to experience myspace.

you cant get upset if you get triggered, if someone doesnt care about your tw etc.

myspace was and use to be very toxic like any social media- just dont do what you guys did to tumbler lmfao XOXO

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Willow ✧˖° ♡

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Real ! ! ! They need to go to the park while they still can

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they need to just enjoy playing with barbies instead of buying retinol

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