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the world hates to see a girlboss winning, aka a dude's first day on spacehey

It's been going so well, but I've been really feeling like the side chick of my own life 

You know when you're talking to your friends and then you suddenly realize that you're nobody's first choice? Yeah that's been my past week :_) I really want to make more friends outside of school so that I don't really feel so alone all the time, but I don't know how :/ So I though, hey okay, blogging might help BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BLOG EITHER ;-;; 

So here I am, an audio-book in the background, a whole brain cell in my head and the urge to write. Is a vent? No, not really. I'm just writing down all the things I said in the shower. I have the best ideas when I'm burning alive. What's up with that anyway? Why do women shower in 50 degrees? Like, I do that, my mom does that, my school friends do that, why is that. Do American scientists have a study on that. I mean, I'm not fully a woman, I'm Mothman but still. Warm water is godly. It's op. 

Actually, is writing blogs considered cringe now? My mind is trying to convince me I'm cringe, but I'm not sure. I'm still stuck in 2016 so it might be that, but I always wanted a blog. God I love SpaceHey. It's like Tumblr but I can be even more myself.

So, I might have a tiny request. Do you have any tips on how to make friends? Or more, how to talk to people? My therapist says I'm autistic, but I think I'm just shy. 

More random stuff I have on my mind atm coming soon.

(this actually made me feel better)

Toodles :3

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Bugs :P

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Lol im terrible at making Friends too. But I hope u can meet some new ones here!!!

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