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Current layout/autoplay code :)

I update this as I change layouts and if anyone wants it, I will make one for my previous layouts as I change them. None of these are mine. Credits are above the code!


bluelagoonz on tumblr for the transmasc swag blinkie


<!-- (c) Layout created by YourWeirdDream (xerlandia) ( -->

<div class="player"></div>

<iframe src="" allow="autoplay" loading="eager" class="video">




<!-- (c) Layout created by Jody Marie ❤️ ( -->

<style>/* Cursor & Scrollbar */

 * {cursor: url(''), auto !important;}

  /* Chrome, Edge, and Safari */

 *::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 18px;}

 *::-webkit-scrollbar-track {background: #000;}

 *::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {

  background-color: #fff;

  border-radius: 10px;

  border: 3px solid #fff;



<style>/* Profile Design Info */

    :root {

        --logo-blue: #000000;

        --darker-blue: #ffffff;

        --lighter-blue: #575757;

        --even-lighter-blue: #000000;

        --lightest-blue: #000000;

        --dark-orange: #ffffff;

        --light-orange: #000000;

        --even-lighter-orange: #000000;

        --green: #000000;



        {background: url("");}


    .profile {background-color: #000; color: #fff;}


 main {

        border-radius: 0 0 10px 10px;

        background: rgba(0,0,0) !important;

padding: 0px 0px;


 * {font-family: Monospace;}

 .container {

        border-radius: 15px 15px 0 0;

        overflow: hidden;

        margin-top: 30px;

        padding: 10px;


    footer {

        border-radius: 15px;

        background: rgba(0,0,0) !important;

        color: #fff !important;

        display: block !important;


 footer .links a{color: #ffffff !important;}

    footer .links a:hover{color: #ffffff !important;}

footer .copyright a{color: #ffffff !important;}

 .profile .contact,

    .profile .url-info,

    .profile .table-section,

    .home-actions {

        border: none;


 a.addme {

        font-size: 2rem;

        font-weight: bold;

        margin-bottom: 15px;

        display: block;



<style>/*Search Users Box (Background Color/Background Image)*/

    .top input{border-radius: 15px 15px 15px 15px;}


<style>/*Buttons (Background Color/Background Image)*/


    border-radius: 25px 25px 25px 25px !important;

 color: #000;

 font-weight: bold;

    background-color: white !important;



<style>/* Navigation */

    nav {

        border-radius: 15px 15px 0 0;

        overflow: hidden;



    nav .links a{

        color: #fff; !important;

        text-shadow: none !important;

font-weight: bolder;



    nav .links a:hover {color: #fff; !important;}


    nav .links {

        text-align: center;

        padding: 3.5px 3.5px 5.5px 3.5px;

        font-size: 70%;




<style>/* Links */

    a:hover {color: #fff;}



 main:before {

  width: 100%;

  height: 300px;

  display: block;

  content: "";

  background-image: url('');

  background-position: center center;

  background-size: cover;


<style>/* Profile Name Header */

 @import url('');

 .profile .left h1{ font-family: 'Special Elite', cursive; font-size: 35px; color: #fff; text-transform: lowercase; text-align: center; overflow-wrap: break-word;



<style>/* Profile Picture & Online Icon */

 .profile-pic {border-radius: 500px; overflow: hidden;}

    .online {visibility: hidden;} 

    .online img { 

        content: url(""); 

        animation-name: none; 

        visibility: visible; 

        height: 15px; 

        width: 60px;



<style>/* Headers Colors */

    .heading {

        padding: 5px 0 !important;

        margin-top: 15px;

        margin-bottom: 10px;

        background-color: #575757 !important;

        color: #fff !important;

        text-align: center;

        border-bottom: 2px solid;

border-radius: 10px 10px 10px 10px;


 .profile .blurbs .section h4{color: #575757; font-weight: bolder;}


<style>/* Interests Table Info */

    table.details-table {border-collapse: collapse;}

    table.details-table td {background-color: #000 !important;}

.details-table td:first-child {color: #575757 !important;}


<style>/* Blog Info */

    .blog-preview p {

        background-color: none;

        padding: 5px 10px;

        border-radius: 10px;

        color: #575757;

font-weight: bolder;


    .blog-preview p a{color: #fff !important;}

    .blog-preview p a:hover,

    .blog-preview p a:active,

    .blog-preview p a:focus{

        color: #fff !important;




<style>/* Friends Info */

    .profile .friends .heading{color: #ffffff;}

    .count {color: #575757;}

    .profile .friends .person p{color: #fff !important;}

 .profile .friends .person img {border-radius: 500px;}

    .profile .friends .person img:not(.icon) {


        box-shadow: 1px 0px 7px 2px rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.71);

        border: 2px solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 1);



    .profile .friends .person img:not(.icon):hover {

        transform: scale(1.1);

        transition: 0.5s ease;



    .profile .friends .person img:not(.icon) {transition: 0.5s ease}


<style>/* Comments Info */

    table.comments-table td {

        background-color: #000 !important;

        border: none;


.comments-table td:first-child img {

width: 80px;

border-radius: 500px;



        display: block;

        height: 200px;

        overflow-y: scroll;

        border: none;



<style>/* Custom Profile Headers */

.contact .heading{ font-size:0; }

.contact .heading:before{ content: "Contact Me 🤍"; font-size:.8rem; font-weight:bold; }

.w-40 .table-section:nth-last-child(2) .heading h4{ font-size:0;}

.w-40 .table-section:nth-last-child(2) .heading:before{content: "What I Like 🤍"; font-size:.8rem; font-weight: bold; }

.w-40 .table-section:last-child .heading h4{ font-size:0; }

.w-40 .table-section:last-child .heading:before{ content: "Follow Me 🤍"; font-size:.8rem; font-weight: bold; }

.blog-preview h4{ font-size:0; }

.blog-preview h4 a{font-size:.8rem;margin-left:5px; }

.blog-preview h4:before{ content: "My New Blogs 🤍"; font-size:.8rem; }

.blurbs .heading{ font-size:0; }

.blurbs .heading:before{ content: "My Life 🤍"; font-size:.8rem; font-weight:bold; }

.blurbs .inner .section:nth-child(1) h4{ font-size:0; }

.blurbs .inner .section:nth-child(1) h4:before{ content: "About Me:"; font-size:.8rem; }

.blurbs .inner .section:nth-child(2) h4{ font-size:0; }

.blurbs .inner .section:nth-child(2) h4:before{ content: "Who I'd Like To Meet:"; font-size:.8rem; }

.friends .heading{ font-size:0; }

.friends .heading:before{ content: "The Friends 🤍"; font-size:.8rem; font-weight:bold;}

.friends#comments .heading{ font-size:0; }

.friends#comments .heading:before{ content: "Leave A Comment 🤍"; font-size:.8rem; font-weight:bold;}


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