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***Something I wrote a little while ago... well I was fucked on acid probably... I always just thought it sounded beautiful, so I kept it.***

We are not promised tomorrow. No matter what you think, believe or have been told. Life is too short not to live it how you want, within obvious reason. Never take anything for granted. Always try to stay humble.
Another thing that is important to remember: nothing is ever truly perfect. (NOTHING). To many people stress to much over minor imperfections and waste so much time trying to fix the smallest details that they end up missing the big picture. Lives being wasted for nothing in the long run.
It's also okay to be different, especially in todays commercialized cookie cutter hand sanitized society. The world needs more freaks, nerds, weirdos,  artist, dreamers, etc. Don't be afraid to be different. Be a free spirit and a free thinker. Like I just said, nothing and no one is perfect. Embrace your imperfections. If someone tell's you to jump, sdrawkcab klaw.
We as a whole nee to change our outlooks on this big blue rock we call eARTh. There is so much hate and animosity coming at you from all sides. Religious fundamentals, political fanatics; extremist of all shades are crippling and dividing this world at an alarming rate. It's all bullshit. If everyone could SHUT THE FUCK, put their, put the difference listen to each other they might realize  that at their cores they're all almost exactly the same.
We cannot change the world until we can change ourselves. If you fallow history,  you'll realize we're stuck in a never ending loop of hate and war. A never ending cycle of of hatred and violence has plagued humanity since we came to exist.

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