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此 vinyl collection "in-depth" (Barbie & Mother Mother-- why?)

most of my newer buys (The Queen is Dead, Ziggy Stardust) more accurately reflect my current music tastes (duh), so i included them in the artist tab under my album shuffle. there are a few i chose not to list in that tab but still included in the shuffle... why?

i wouldn't think to include artists like Mother Mother on a "favourite artists" list i made today... but i bought Inside on vinyl at my first concert back in early 2023 when i still really earnestly loved their music, and right around the start of my first ever non-toxic, long-term relationship. a lot of intrapersonal happenings in my life just colluded at the same time to big-up my emotional stakes in that record-- even if i don't love, listen to, or even really think about the music on it anymore

The Barbie OST, i bought on vinyl for the whole "barbenheimer" cultural explosion last july cause i thought it'd be a cool thing to own like 40 years down the line... less sincere intentions behind that one i guess, whoops...

they've both been shoved a little awkwardly towards the end of my shuffle because frankly, i'm just the littlest bit embarrassed to show them off to you here-- but i also feel like they deserve to be shown. i've got emotional stock invested into Inside, and i'll make my millions in cool-guy points from Barbie, just you wait

i might make more entries like this if there're any other vinyls i wanna explain more in the future lol. idk if anybody will read this or if you'll just be interested in how pretty the album shuffle looks, but i love to talk about my music... if you like to hear me talk about my music lmk lol, i might do this more!

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