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My OCs Part 1: Zibidi, Zeb and WorldBuilding

this is not gonna be a clean ccut of everything since even i dont know much about my characxhters except for the most main concepts but les goo

First about the world they live in, ıts our world, since its absurd on its own i didnt think they needed a new space. but the different thing is i decided the whole world, every country agreed and become one country, and that country is Turkey(this would be funnier if ur tukish) no wars or anything happened they just ended up on the middleground, like start trek and the united earth kinda thing.


second of all, most of the stories current events take in place of early 2000s and in turkey, but think of just every country merging and theres no specific race or types of people in only one area, everywhere is mixed and most charachters have mixed genetics of old races.

now on to the charachters, firs of all Zibidi

IMG-2483zibidi is a scientist working for a big pharma factory that is also involved in black market, he is a mad men but his contrubition to the industry is not overlookable, they mostly tolarate him bc of this, he never wear safety garment and this over the time caused anomalies on his physical and mental health state, his hair lost color his skin yellowed and his blood most of it turned green, i think he also went a little color blind. on a normal day for him, while he was working naked one of his balls(ik theyre  connected idc) went inside the most toxic supplements in the factory, at night of that day, hiss ball fell of and start to move on its own, over some time this ball started to evolve, first popping some eyes, and a nose, and a mouth, rapidly growing, this ball creature eventually become a mini sized person, calling that thing a baby would be a little overgoing. that is how his son, Zebediah, known as Zeb came to world, the ball son IMG-0193ZEB is the first charachter i created that led all of the others, he was created bc i watched too many inaved zim, u can see that in his first designs


well with a father like Zibidi, he did not grow into a person that adds much to society, he rapidly growinto a toddler from his ball form but he stopped his rapid grow at the age of 9 and he still is the same height and look from that age, but you can see his age shine through the looks on his face as he turned into ak anti social with anger issues, that despises humans and mostly despises his dad. He also developed stress and anger related diseases, he developed Ocd and got a little paranoid, 

him being formed through a ball mostly showed through his poor eyesight since birth, spiky and pube like hair, lack of nutrients and him not being able to use his brain until he was nearly 4, making him a walkin single clled organism

24-B66-BB5-F060-4-CE2-9-B67-0-AEBADF0-C3-ADafter he started to think and learn things, zibidis lack of fathering or generally lack of any humane action skills reaally showed thru, he did not care for zeb in the sense of a father but more like doll, a platime friend, Zeb eventually grow into an adult and couldnt handle these, and moved as soon as he can stealing money his dad blackmailed from the company using Zeb. Zibidi used Zebs to balckmail the his boss, threataning him if he ever fires him or gets in a legal situation he will expose the ball boy the world!!! i would go into more detail but i need to add different chars to the story at this point, including the boss. 

lmao i congrulate u if u read this far really it means a lot to me, this is eventually a blog for myself mostly to keep track of things and probs gonna update it time to time. 

anyways heres a height chart of all the charachters so far bc the height difference makes me giggle

Screenshot-2023-12-05-03-32-12-988-com-android-chrome-1" >

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I really like your work! And yes, since the moment i saw your character design i saw a glimpse of Invader Zim. Quite nostalgic.

Keep going 'cause i want to know more of the story. A little crazy, but i think it can be good.

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thank you for the feedback, the story is really not about anything in particular its just vibes, ill try to make it more manageable someday

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xaivier ✦

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your writing style is really unique, i’ve never seen designs like these and they are really funky and IDK TJE WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS

it really gives off early 2000s mtv vibes in a way? /pos


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LMAOO THANK YOU most of the traits and char designs were formed with my friends goofing in class, so it is mostly just bunch of dumb ideas combined together and story or chars itself is never serious. and yeah i always took inspo from the 2000s since the start, kinda obsessed tbh its the reason i find this site. habhabahbahaa thank you again for reading it means really a lot to me

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