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newjeans beach bag and bluebook <3

hello!! i recently got danielle's bunny beach bag & hyein's bluebook :D

୨୧  Beach Bag ✿˖*

photocards up close!!

the beach bag!!

postcards :)

danielle photocards! i love the last one <3

CD and stickers! there were more sticker sheets tho

these were so cute omggg
although some untranslated which is fine <3

fav page from the lyric book

finally, my bag decorated!! <3 i think its super cute, had some more stickers on the back too. some are from the bluebook but most from the beach bag album

୨୧  Bluebook ✿˖*

hyein pcs, 2nd and 3rd one favs

OMG THE ID i was so excited for it its prob one of my fav partssss!!

stickers and CD! <3

one of my fav pages from i think it was the pin up book

posters! there were a lot more but i just took a pic of the ot5 one

another fav page :)

overall these albums were VERY worth it! they were so cute
total was around $45!

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I love the looks of the albums :D

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