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past 2 days!

it is 11pm, jan 5 2024.

sorry i missed the past few days!!! i wanted 2 wait 2 get more stuff 2 happen 4 a juicier post "( - ⌓ - ) its ok im here now!!!! ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

nothing 2 crazy happened thurzday, i brought a plain white shirt and sharpies and let my friends draw on it and then ran 2 the bathroom during break 2 put it on. the later i had THE WORST. BUS TRIP. OF. MY.  LIFE. all the highschoolers had 2 stop at 1 of the elementary/middle schools and had 2 all move on a different SMALLER BUS. THAT HAS LIKE 8 FREE SEATS LEFT. of course all of them were taken up and me and this 1 girl i cant fucking stand is standing and we like HAVE 2 sit so i was (mostly) in the aisle clinging onto the seat in front of me while being sqished between the girl i just mentioned and some other guy i rlly dont like. luckily my stop was the first right after we switched busses and also a lot of kids get off there but oh my god i got behind the Slowest Walking middle schoolers kid ever. shitty bus trips nvr fail in making me in a bitchy mood but oh my god in my mind i was flipping a whole lot of switches... bus trip rating -4/10 <(ꐦㅍ _ㅍ)> ᕙ( ᗒᗣᗕ )ᕗ

ANYWAYS me and my freind Oliver  were working on making milgram characters into cat characters 4 their warrior cats-inspired oc stuff and when were going over haruka's stuff i kid u not i was getting Physically Ill. i love him so bad and he makez me so sad (╥﹏╥) we were having so much fun even though we didnt get done but we will sometime this weekend or nextweek hopefully!!! it might snow so idk

last thing i remember from thruday, i ate some (ice cream) cake from my bday. it was quite cool ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

todayi woke up at 6 sharp and ending up just sitting on my phone 4 like 40 minutes b4 getting ready. my mama didnt work so i had yell at her 2 get up(not like YELL yell, just like "hey wake up!!!!" over and over and over and)

get out, go in, sit till 1st period, do paper and talk the rest of the period, then in 2nd i had a test i did not study 4 WHATSOEVER but i SOMEHOW got a 100 on it?!?!?!?!? ( ☆0☆)‼ im magical

drew in 3rd period, dont remember 4th, when lunch rolled aroudn Danny was out in the commons bcuz their teacher waant there so i sat  w them teh whole time ´ ˘ `  pretty kewl!!!

5th?? 6th??? 7th???? i cant tell u a thing thathappened. except i whent home w Damiens horrifically mangled notebook bcuz i found it goofy how messed up it was. in the car i told my mom abt the meaning of this song a remembered and downloaded and and she was like "wow thats fuckd up!"

btw, there was a basketball game at 7 that i was gonna go 2 so i could go sit w the band. did not do anything until it was time 2 go 2 the game. mom dropped me off at abt 6 50 and Dan told me  b there at 7. when i got there the band wasnt there so i stood around in the lobby till they showed up. useless note: my miku bottle canNOT hold a full bottle of pop. i mean, it could but when i put the lid on it started 2 leak a bit from the side. 2 full!!!

miku water bottle that i bought at FYE

when every1 was all situated me and dan sat near the wall and talked nearly the endtire time, excluding when. yyknow. danny had 2 play in the band. i played this game called OLDTV and started 2 yap abt it 4a bit b4 we lost the game. (another useless note : b4 i went 2 the game i wud go run on teh court and start beating up teh other team so our team could keep scoring as every1 focused on me so we could win....should dont that plan bro </3 )

when the game was over i went w the band back 2 the band room and got 2 draw on the whiteboard. fun!!! me and Dan listned 2 ayesha erotica the whole walk over.

i said bye 2 every1 but my mom still wasnt back 2 pick me up so i took some cool nighttime pictionrs of the school, But im keepin thouse!!!! anyways, got home nothin much else, now writing this in bed. sleepy now, finny out !

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