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Life is beautiful

Short post but. My break has been relatively boring, i've just been sifting through old CDs from my parents. I'm starting to realize that my dad's music is often stuff i already like or listen to, solidifying how similar we are. I was recently obsessed with Aim's Cold Water Music (the album), and I'm listening to a Chillout compilation CD that my dad has a few of. The title track of CWM is on here, as well as another song that was on another one of the CDs that I really liked. I just feel so grateful that people enjoy the same music and things as I do. I feel so grateful for my friends and (immediate) family, and i just want them to know it. But it's tough to feel genuine about it--I have tone issues and i always feel like I sound fake.

I know they all care about me, though. And they all know me well enough to know I'm being genuine.

I updated my website's layout, you should go check it out.

Hope everyone is having a good new year so far.

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