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Intro =^-^=


I'm Catboy TedCruz(you can call me cat, catboy, wtv works :3)


Age: 19

From: the US

Languages: English (learning mandarin+japanese)

I'm a Linguistics major

I'm mixed (black+white)

Pronouns: They/he/it (I also use neos X3)

I'm autistic and POTSie


Song: Square by Mitski

Color: purple :D

TV show: invader zim O-o 

Anime: either Saiki K or All Saint's Street idk ^-^

Drink: Tea :0

2 truths, 1 lie <'o'>

I ate 9 sticks of chalk in 2023 :3

I know how to play Final Duet on piano :3

I'm a furry :3

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