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Bands I Fell Out Of Love With

Before I start I would like to state that I have no hate for any of these bands. These are just my opinions of them now that I don't love them anymore. This might get a little controversial. Going in order from least disappointing to most disappointing. 

10. Mayday Parade: For me this is just one of those starter bands that you liked when you were 12 and now think is corny. Its just a part of growing up. If they came on the radio I probably wouldn't skip.

9. Maneskin (I don't know how to make the accent with my keyboard): I just didn't really hear about them enough. I liked how some of their songs would make me feel confident and it was interesting to hear alternative music in a language different from my own. However I started to feel that some lyrics were a little corny. I still think they're a good band and would not skip them if they came on the radio.

8. L.S. Dunes: I started listening to this band as soon as Frank Iero posted about it on Instagram and was really excited about it because I've loved every project he's been in. I loved their song Permanent Rebellion and was excited to hear more, but when they released more music I just didn't like the vocals and lyrics. The frontman Anthony Green seems really nice so I don't wanna make it sound like I hate him because I respect him as a musician, but his style is just not for me. 

7. Marilyn Manson: Honestly its mostly because of how much he confuses me. He's either doing or saying something weird and off-putting or he's being a super cool guy. I just don't know how to feel about him and it makes it hard to focus on his music sometimes. He is a brilliant musician though and I wouldn't skip if he were on the radio.

6. I See Stars: The truth is they only have one good album and if I do listen to them it's only that album (and a couple singles).  It's called New Demons.

5. All Time Low: I really liked this band in high school and thought the band members were super cool and funny. But once I graduated my interest in them faded. Its because All Time Low is a band that peaked in High School. I'm not even joking. They started touring when they were in high school (at least that's what I remember from their documentary) and probably had the maturity of a high schooler much after they graduated. I also don't like how they were letting fans throw bras at them onstage when a big portion of their fans are minors. I also think its kind of weird that they filed a lawsuit against at least three people who accused them of sexually harassing and/or assaulting teen fans. If I were them (assuming I'm innocent) the last thing I would do is sue the accusers. 

4. Sleeping With Sirens: I only really listened to them because of Kellin Quinn's feature on King For A Day (I also had a tiny crush on Kellin at the time). Now that I'm older I think a lot of their songs are corny and I hate Better Off Dead. That song's purpose was to show fans that they shouldn't cut and that it's they shouldn't give up on living. However it comes off like "She's so beautiful but she's so sad. I love her because she's so beautiful and sad." They just romanticized the thing they were trying to prevent. I also just don't like Kellin's voice anymore. I think he's a good person though and still respect him as a musician.

3. Get Scared: I feel like this band had a lot of wasted potential. The vision of the band was amazing and so were it's instruments. Everyone who has been in that band is super talented, but it was all wasted because their first (and last) vocalist had a drug problem that caused him to leave the band. Then after they kicked out their second vocalist was later incarcerated for having very incriminating videos of children which is evil and disgusting and caused a lot of problems for the band's image. Then the first vocalist rejoined the band for a while but the band broke up on bad terms. I still listened to them even after I learned about these things about them because I loved their music. I slowly lost interest in them because I got bored of listening to the same songs

2. Pierce The Veil: This was my favorite band for more than half of my high school career but I guess I outgrew them and stopped listening to them. When they started making music again it just didn't have the same eloquence that their previous works did. In fact it even felt cheap and it made me feel as though they were sellouts. It really broke my heart.

1. Palaye Royale: This became my favorite band after I stopped listening to PTV, but that wasn't for long after I started listening to MCR. I still loved the band though and I thought the were gonna be the my chem of this generation. After they put out Fever Dream I started noticing how different the band was acting. After a while I started to feel as though they weren't as genuine as they were before. I guess that's normal when a band becomes big, but it was especially heartbreaking from this band. Right now I just can't feel the same joy and connection that this band used to make me feel.

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