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paris in flames

uugghhhh just got into another fight w my parents and its getting to the point where i'm craving the idea of moving out .... before all this pressure crushes my soul. wouldn't say im at a crossroads, but definitely approaching it soon. 

besides that, work is fine........ been getting a lot more hours at the cafe, and ive invested in this little savings book thingy that will help me put my tips away for misc things like bills, pet care, weed stash, shopping, travel, lol all that good junk. i also recently got my hair cut so its a bit shaggier, my bff says it is hayley williams reminiscent. i can never complain about being compared to her !! i also redyed my hair red and its been a couple weeks and management hasnt said anything ... so i guess i can keep it now? i just think they dont want to fight w me about it any more lol. 

monster jam and the oddities expo is coming to town soon, so i have to make room on my schedule for that. i recently came off a tbreak too and got a pretty bad cold on new years (but chances of getting sick are always increased exponentially at raves), so im eager to get back to toking, but i just cant find the time. also east county is SUPES toke unfriendly!!! 

ive been staying up real late again. sometimes i feel like im just naturally wired to be up alllll night. im awake most of the day– from 9am to 3am, im pretty much operational (although i do love to sleep in a lot). 

recently downloaded alien isolation (2014). once i beat chris redfield's run in re6 (already beat leon's run), i think ill take an actual crack at the game. its supposed to have noise tracking features, so im pretty interested in that. ill go to bed soon. when i wake up, ill be a knife. 

paris in flames - thursday

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