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advice!! what do i do??


u guys.. lowk freaking out rn

like a month ago my grandpa died and it threw me off hella bad. i had to take a math test the next day and failed so bad bc i wasn’t really there at ALL

so two weeks later i decided to retake the test but i wasn’t rlly in the mood to actually work so my dumbass used photomath 😭

i wrote down my answers but didn’t show my work. ig he got suspicious bc i got an 8% originally, and a 100% on the retake, which ig is a weird jump.

but anyways he’s now making me retake the whole test in front of him, literally forcing me to sit RIGHT next to him at his desk and work and he says it’s js bc he wants to see my work, not bc he thinks im cheating..


but anyways i took another test today of his and used photomath again. i kinda half assed a bunch of fake work to make it LOOK like i did the solving but-

im ngl im SOO nervous bc ik that if he actually takes the time to look through the work and see my “process” he’s gonna know immediately that i cheated bc there are so many holes 

i have his class again tmrw so imma have to wait till then to see if he confronts me or if he acc didn’t realize

in the meantime pray for me 

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I don't think teachers can say you cheated if theres real working out if its fake though they could, but also one text shouldn't ruin your whole class grade so you'll most likely be fine

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Nano x3

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You know, grades aren't everything, just explain your situation :c I am sure the teacher will be understanding

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