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And Time Drifts Forward

On new years eve my eldest sisters house caught fire while she was home alone, asleep. She gets off work in the morning, the fire started in the basement and spread through the walls to the third floor where my sister was sleeping. The entire house was engulfed by the time my sister woke up and got out, suffering minor burns and also smoke inhalation but the ambulance stabilized her. Physically, she's mostly alright, mentally both her and her husband are a mess. They lost the entire house, which was in his family now for four generations, and all three barns. I'm just glad my sister made it out. 

So that set a somber tone for the new year. Yet, even so, life is going on. I did my recertification today after Cookie left, which did not take very long at all. Cookie was here for 2 hours which was great, too. Still working on the background on his drawing. We went to the grocery store, got food, and tomorrow the pets go to the vet. 

I have a ton of clothes for my sister but I'm still waiting for my mom to come and get them, and so we can go get her a coat and such. My mother is almost impossible to get ahold of though so we all know how that is. 

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