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Happy New Years, folks! 2024 is hopefully going to be a very prosperous year for all of us!!! 

It's a very important year for me as well: I turn 18, I graduate from high school, I'm supposedly going to be getting my own house soon!? Things are setting in that I'm becoming an adult, but I don't act like an adult? It worries me, so it's something I'd really like to work on this year.

My first resolution is especially about loving myself, and caring for myself. A lot of times I'm too lazy and I feel undeserving of better things in life. Like a clean room, or a clean body, mind, spirit, etc. I don't treat myself like I should. That's something I'd really like to work on, and just keeping my spaces clean. Every time I have a long period of my room being messy, and then I finally clean it? I feel sooo good. I fucking love having a clean room. Why not do it more often!? I deserve it!

Another thing that's kind of an add-on to the first one, is knowing my self worth. Setting boundaries, not feeling guilty when things are in my best interest, and not being weak. I'll definitely be diving back into my practice once more to help with this (if you didn't know, I'm a theistic satanist, I'll be happy to give tarot readings ;D ) 

Once again, an add-on to the last one, I want my practice to become more important to me. I'm so off and on with my practice, and I feel like I should focus more on that. Though, that's more of a private thing to me. I may expand more on that in a later blog if anyone is interested. I will say, remember to clean your altars!

I'd really like to become more responsible, and lean into my mature side this year. Learn when to stand my ground, when to step in, and live my life with purpose and intent. Will I continue to lay in bed? YES! But only when things have been done. I want to push myself.

I also would really like to graduate this year with a bang! I didn't do the WORST 1st semester, but I would like to do significantly better this semester. I want to actually study and absorb (I say, as I am refusing to do my homework til tomorrow lol. It's like 11:39 pm tho, a little late to start now.)

Another thing is to lose a bit of weight. Kind of different from the first ones, but it's something I've been worried about for so long now. I just know I'll be happier at a lower weight. (Which, I'm down to 182 from 205, so go me!) As well as work on my hair and my skin.

Most importantly, I want to go this whole year without harming myself. TW obviously, but I don't think I've gone a single whole year without harming myself in some way. That's part of growing up and becoming more mature I guess, (not that hurting yourself is immature in a general sense.) I relate harming myself to younger me, but soon-to-be legal adult me is going to learn to regulate their emotions. 

I may add to this later, I'm a little sleepy LOL, goodnight!

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