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back at school!!!

it is 9pm, jan 3 2024.

haaiiii! sorry i miss yestrday nothing that interesting happened....BACK 2 SCHOOL DAY RUNDOWN!!!

got in as soon as the door opened. sat at the breakfast table and went thru first period as usual. in 2nd period i had trouble getting in2 my school user but as soon as i tried 2 show the teacher it fixed itself so i looked like a FOOL but ok. 3rd period was rlly boring but i did talk 2 my token european Zac(hai Zac!) while working on fosteey stuff and 'working' on notes (i got MOST of the notes, but i was just making stuff uo on the kahoot...eug) 4th was 4th, we did the least amount of work i think wever ever done??? like. just 2 pages?!?!

LUNCH TIME!!! i printed a load of stickers 4 lunch gang and also showed my friend Damien an ending from class of 09. in 5th we didnt do anything in there but i printed more stickers and my frineds mwanted me 2 print a sticker of pregnant j8mescharls?? i mean i expect nothing different from them. got a silly video of me saying id do it if i got a kiss(IT WAS AN OFFER SO I JUST REPEATED IT. that sounds a little strange no contect....) made MORE stickers at break. i should make a business out of this. in 6th me and Damien partnered up on soem work and 2 notable things:

1. what did vincent say when he found his new house doesnt have a garage. where my van gogh? [live studio laughter]

2. i said i wud draw a MOM tattooon his arm(yknow like a heart w an arrow thry it n all that)

nothing that notable in 7th... then nothing else notable..... except there was a spot on my chest and i picked it out of habit and then it was bleeding bad 4 a minute ૮₍˶Ó﹏Ò ⑅₎ა scary...

im gonna try and draw 2night!!!! or 2morrow!!!!maybe ill play minecraft idk.  i rlly wanna draw one of my ocs yohan, i had an idea 4 him but im not COMPLETELY sure bcuz i feel like his backstory is already overflowing w angst but... i cant help myself ◉‿◉ FINNY OUT

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