First post; a digital painting of a landscape I finished yesterday!

This is my first day here, so I might as well post some of my art in here! So far I've posted my art on deviantart, so you can go check my other stuff there if you want, though I only started publishing my art the later half of 2023. 

The following landscape is from a setting I've been working on for a while. I'll try to flesh it out further in the next paintings I want to do, so I won't go into much detail just yet. 

Anyway, here's the painting with its accompanying text:

Yesterday's piece

«Bwedxysujé noretencaglocecyćigev, izzjehlenmòhx, e iddejón·mymzedluźeròjel u sjecú, gzelònú, i ećibdemna·myjehlenzrawel.»

"Over there, beyond the end of this wheat field, in the mountains, it's where the miners go to live, to work, and to be slain by the mountain-terrors."o

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i absolutely love the vibe! can't wait to see more of your drawings here

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Aw thank you so much!!

by astra~; ; Report