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Why do people think the sun is on fire?

Why do they really? You are thought that fire needs oxygen and you are thought that in space oxygen is almost nonexistent, so why do people not put these things together and realize that the sun is indeed not on fire. If the sun indeed needed oxygen to "burn" it would have burned a long long time ago and as we know the sun is billions of years old. The sun needs hydrogen and it has plenty of it, it converts that hydrogen into helium through nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion happens because the sun has so mass that the atoms are crushed together, that fusion releases energy. That "energy" is why the sun looks like its burning but it's actually similar to what happens to metal when exposed to heat it starts to glow red. And the wild crazy explosions on the sun further makes you think that it is on fire and these are bursts of flame they arent actually flames, these are ejections of plasma which are much worse than flames because they can damage our electronic grid and satellites. But we are protected by our magnetosphere and the ejections happen 2-3 times a day so we are fine.

me using this for my space rants lol *pushes up glasses*

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