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out of place.

life has been...quite the journey, i won't lie.

found this site, been socializing a bit more, getting out of my shell, yada yada, but lately i feel like i don't quite belong anywhere.

one minute can feel like i'm basking in the platonic love that's been made for me, and the next it feels like i've gained the ability to become invisible. 

my thoughts often fight against me, assuring me that no one cares and i'm a waste of space, yet i manage to persevere through it all and come out of it, unable to make sense of where i found the courage and determination to do so.

people whom i've adored to the core feel like someone else, and i end up questioning if hanging around them has become bothersome on their end.

dropping the negative people in my life - my so-called "friends" - is hard; especially when you already feel alone in a sea of friends and acquaintances.

i never seem to know if the next step is ever the right one, yet i decide to do it anyway.

a messy mind is a playground for even messier thoughts.

perhaps i'll continue to search for that gleam of hope that's waiting for me out there, somewhere.

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