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Day One Thoughts on SpaceHey

While it's not exactly 24 hours since I've registered here, I figured I give out an honest review on what my first impressions of the site end up at the end of the day.

I really did get interested in this not because of the blogging feature of the site but also how it's reminiscent of the MySpace social site. I didn't really get into using it much until around 2009, but I had some fond memories of it: profile pictures, music in background for visitors, games, SuperPoke with friends, and just seeing how much havoc you could ensue on your profile layout.

Some positives:

As far as I know of, the community is overwhelmingly welcoming and had a good amount of friend requests. Most of them I admit to politely turning them down. Usually due to their DNIs and personal interests matching and well, I don't know a lot of folks here yet. 

Forums are kinda of barren but seem okay. I'll bring the forums back in the other section. Most of the posts are very well organized, regardless of the fact that I kinda seem unsure where I could find the introductions forum... Sorry, I'm used to that being a starting point for every site lately.

Layout codes have their own section and honestly makes it a whole lot easier finding one to use. The recent app has potential and was given an update for Bulletins to show up.

Negative Holdbacks:

As for the current negatives, it's still in an early stages of life it seems. Going back to the forums, most of what I've found are from months ago to even a couple of years old. Sadly saw some posts that were very reminiscent of spam comments (try out this game or that site), and while I kind of had that need to flag for spam it doesn't against standards as far as I know of...

Groups are kind of the same, except more of a ghost town than the forums. I think I only joined a small handful there since there had been a recent post made to their forum or a bulletin.

It does seem very sparce in what one could do on the site, but again it's only just a fan project with intentions of just reviving the old fashioned social networking minus the games and such.

Final Thoughts:

At this point, I'll stick around to see if I'm going to be here for a bit longer. If not, this might be dropped from the personal radar. For me, that's not at all uncommon lately since I've done the same for both Mastodon and Bluesky... I did end up getting back into Blogger despite it now being owned by Google. In the meantime, I'm not one to shy away from even the slightest potential this site holds - even with the usual spam and chirping crickets.

This is just personal opinion on what I think of SpaceHey, and should only be taken with a grain of salt. If any of the admins of the site do read this, any recommendations I might of hinted at is encouraged to point out to me for further clarification.

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