school and other rants

UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH i have to go back to the educational prison that is my high school tomorrow >:/ luckily afterward tho i get to visit my auntie and uncle to drop off some soup. i rlly hate that i cant wear fun tights to school, i have to wear my boring black ones instead of my stripey ones or new cool af skeleton ones! just in general i hate that i have a stupid uniform. only upside is its a great excuse to continue making kandi. welp back to eating lunch in the library and accidently eavesdropping on ppls drama. only good thing abt highschool is everyone has drama and they loooooove to tell it to/around me for some reason. ig i look like i wont tell anyone. i mean theyre right tho i tell my best friend (shoutout to him cause weve been friends for 10 years now, a full decade!) everything but he doesnt kno any of these ppl and neither do u dear follower, at least i hope not. I like the idea of imortalizing my highschool experiance on the internet just shouting my grievences out in the void of 0s and 1s that is the internet. its fun. ill look back on it later in life and maybe cringe but i hope not lol. welp at least im not peaking in highschool! god thatd be so much worse ive heard those ppl never turn out well and seeing the obvi peaking girls in my school i can tell why. i recently got into Class of 09 and its made me think of my high school career, how its going, how it started, how itll end etc etc. kinda want it to end already like cant i just graduate already! its only been a year and a few months but that has felt like decades. "best years of ur life" my ass. only thing worse was middle school. wouldnt do that again for all the love or money in the world!!!!! anyways this blog post has kinda gone off the rails and i kno yall dont read my longer posts so ill end it here lol

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