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reading the bsd manga volume by volume and reviewing it as an bsd anime fan part 2


after the attack, atsushi realizes how dangerous the port mafia is and that only because of him, the agency is now in danger. not only are they not in danger, but his mistakes are also now forcing them to work extra hard. this makes him feel so guilty that he decides to abandon them, as to “remove the burden of his existence” from them. but at the same time, the mafias special forces squad attacks the agency (in retaliation for attacking akutagawa,) causing atsushi to panic and return to help. but when he arrives, he finds out that even the mafias finest is no match for the agency.

the next issue doesnt progress the main story, but it does introduce ranpo. when the agency is called to investigate a murder, atsushi is brought along to help ranpo with his work. but within minutes of arriving at the scene, he uses his “ability” to solve the crime. a politican used a man to keep his corruption under wraps, but that man ended up accidentally killing his girlfriend who was investigating the corruption at the time, and hid the murder by making it look like a mafia murder. it took ranpo only moments to piece this together, only for it to be revealed at the end of the issue, that he isnt even an ability user at all.

After that, dazai goes missing after encountering a young girl. The agency however, isnt worried at all, and atsushi goes shopping with yosano. but on the way back, their train is attacked by the mafia, who promise to blow up the train with everyone inside if atsushi doesnt make himself known to the man leading the attack. and just as everything seems like its going to be alright, yosano is taken out of commision and the young girl from earlier (kyouka) attacks atsushi too

my thoughts about the characters

atsushi is lot more bearable in the manga than in the anime. Ranpo is 10/10 as always what a weird little guy. i dont think kunikida is as much of a.hothead in the anime so hes definitely very entertaining here. Also this is random but i think motojirou’s design works wayyy better in the manga. Like its just weird when hes coloured in. also hes like a weird fav. He isnt particularly compelling or anything hes just weird and fun which i respect. Im happy kyouka is here bcs i think young women should be off putting and autistic all the time.

my thoughts about the art

I. its getting better. Thats for sure,. But also i stil find the dramatic shading to be kind of confusing sometimes. Like girl what is going on.  ALSO i dont like how . literally everyone has such like. A babyface. Idk. its fine. Its easy to get used to. When the dramatic lighting is used in dramatic scenarios it is very good. shrugs

misc thoughts

is it just me or does this series kind of have a misogyny problem. like not a major one, but like. the only female character that doesnt have their character revolve around a male one (or be completely relevant) is yosano. And kyouka to a lesser degree. Which lik.e. this series has so many characters. so thats not great.

Kunikida dislikes authority?

Awesome. Very weird character trait for him but makes sense and also i respect him for it

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