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What was the best hip-hop album of 2021?


and don’t even mention Donda. 

Tyler the Creator’s latest album, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is a breath of fresh air. From the production to the subjects, this album is well done. You ain’t even gotta believe me, just listen. Very few skips on this one. My personal favorite off the album would have to be HOT WIND BLOWS. I have to give credit to Tyler of whoever else on this one because the sample selection on that song is perfect. This is how braggadocios rap should sound. Wheezy falls right in the pocket of this beat and I couldn’t think of a better suited mc to complete the song. DJ Drama’s narration is just icing on the cake. WILSHIRE, a crowd favorite, is very different from the rest of the album in terms of subject. An emotional Tyler opens up about his recent love life. I don’t want to ruin it but if you haven’t heard it I think it is well worth a listen.

Those 2 are just my favorites. I think you’ll enjoy the other songs as well. 

The low fidelity sound of the whole album really lends itself to Tyler’s raw rapping. He doesn’t mince words and you can tell he really believes the things he says in his songs (however debasing his messages may be).

I’m sure you can guess this but I am a Tyler fan. Wasn’t much of one before this album though. I feel as though Tyler was still finding his new sound with IGOR but it didn’t grab me. I only recently discovered Tyler through FLOWER BOY and thoroughly enjoyed it. But out of these three? CMIYGL takes the cake. 

My runner ups:
Vince Staples: VINCE STAPLES

Feel free to disagree

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i really loved this album and the estate sale crap to runitup and dogtooth are my favorites have u heard his older albums

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