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Introductory Entry

I had gotten suggestions on trying this site for blogging since I've been stuck with a couple of microblogging sites. Came from Newgrounds but really interested in trying the site for even a little while.

I'm OokamiJ or Julie (no preference). Currently a former online resistant artist trying to break free from that shell. I do sometimes play a few games, mostly on the Switch and not limited to just Pokemon or Sonic. RPG games tend to be my go to, but I'm keen on trying out a game if there's a demo available for it.

Most of my art has been traditional stuff but once in a blue moon, I do digital as well.

As far as DNIs go, not too particular in that area aside from the usual don't be a jerk and don't be creepy.

  • Includes the usual pro-ship stuff
  • LGBTQ+ and minority hate

Otherwise, I'm not sure if messages would be open to others off my friends list but I'm also seeing if I'm going to stick around.

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