MY DNI!!! (please read before u friend me)

ANTI AGERE DNI!!!! if u r racist, homophobic, a p3d0 or anything like that, ableists AND TCC included, don't even try to friend me. Also any supporter of those sorts of people, nope, also anyone over 19 or under 12 (unless you're really cool and i friend you first!!) . and just dont friend me if youre a bad person (that includes supporters of dream + wilbur..)/ someone who  judges innocent therians/ furries or anything. Before you friend me know that I can often be a little much, also if I say anything offensive I likely don't mean it because I don't understand that it's offensive, so let me know if ur offended by anything i say and i'll apologise straight away :^ ALSO!! If i decline your friend request it's probably because we don't share enough interests :^

This may contain: a cartoon character holding his hand out with the caption, which reads, what is the hardest mushot of all time?

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Oh sht, am all of that, can I still be your friend/jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

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Don't even worry I'm the exact same way my filter has been chewed on by rats several times its just so delicious

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