I love talking about body messages.

When Dolores Cannon -the creator of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- started speaking with people in deep trance states, she noticed certain THEMES coming up relating to certain parts of the body.  Looking back, we can find these themes being reflected in ancient cultures and traditions throughout history. Certainly, my own clients repeat particular pieces of information time, and time again.  Let's take a look at one very common example. 
What might poor eyesight mean?
Start by asking, What do the eyes DO? 

They SEE.
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Many times poor eyesight develops when we don't want to SEE something.
Another reason people's eyesight can be impaired is to strengthen another sense. It's easy to rely on sight for guidance, so when we experience loss of sight, we are forced to rely on a different sense, often our sense of "intuition".
That "intuitive" part of our mind is the part that communications in symbols, dreams, and sensory input, like goosebumps and "chills". When it's appropriate, or necessary, it presents physical symptoms. Diminishing ONE sense often has the affect of "extra-sensory perception".
When did you first notice the symptom?
This can offer clues as to WHAT triggered the sense to become diminished.  
How old were you/how many years ago did it begin, or get worse?  
What was happening in your life when this started? 
What emotions were you feeling about your circumstances?
How does the symptom effect you? 
Are you able to see up close, but not far away? 
Can you see into the distance, but not right in front of your nose? 
Is your vision cloudy, or do you experience double vision?
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These things hint at possible roots of our symptoms and their messages.  The subconscious can be quite literal, keep this in mind when noting how you describe your symptom.
Once we receive the message, we can ask if the body's reaction is still serving us.
Many times we resist change because our protective mechanisms, like our ego, our rational mind or our left brain equate change with the unknown, which is scary.  Quantum healing engages the deepest states of relaxation, and in this peaceful state we can let go of patterns which no longer serve us.  
Once our protective mechanisms recognize a particular change as protective, the "ego" can pridefully adopt the higher self's broader perspective as part of its job, and go about enforcing it JUST AS WELL as it enforces the previous pattern. That's a LOT easier than trying to "cure symptoms" without understanding WHY the body works the way it does, or trying to "bypass" our natural mechanisms.
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After my own session I was able to see a broader visual spectrum including a more brilliantly vibrant color palette. 
Some of these effects were immediate, but I'm also uncovering more and more of the spectrum with each focused intent to do so, including seeing higher dimensional beings and other people's past life memories.
What body messages are you receiving? Everyone is different, but having a template upon which to base your self examination can accelerate the process of healing. Whether you have chronic issues or a stubbed toe, there is a reason the situation exists. Understanding the reason often helps us needing to repeat similar situations in the future. 
The best way I've found to tap into these messages is to ask during a Quantum Healing session.  I've facilitated hundreds of quantum experiences.  Curious about QHHT, BQH, or messages from your Higher Self?  Plan your experience today! 

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