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Firecracker blew up in my face

To be entirely fair, I'm fine. It was a decently sized firecracker but I was a good 15-20ft away. It fell to the side and shot towards the party, me being the closest to it (apart from the people around it of course). Although I will say it's a good fire safety reminder. Don't shoot unsafe firecrackers so close to people my dudes and happy new years!


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you should tell people its from an epic fight and hit them with the classic "you should see the other guy"

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Itd be based but I didn't even get a scar from it, it just burned for a couple days then went away. Lowkey dissapointed I didn't get a cool mark from it

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i guess youll have to get into a real fight now good luck

by AgentK; ; Report

I gotta get to training then because if I get in a fight rn I'm def getting my ass kicked lmaoooo

by Allister; ; Report

oh yeah shonen training montage time

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