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NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!! (2024 edition)

boring stuff

-read 5 books a month

-regularly work out even if you get tired

-taking vitamins ( or eating healthy) (checkups 2!)

-learning to cook

-getting better at drawing

-having a stable routine


owing lots of glitter !!!!! (very important)

having a pet fish or cat ( im rooting 4 the fish)

going 2 the beach (have 2 travel for this one)

learn 2 animate AND writing a story

having a photo album 

learning 2 do a flip ( also very important)

going to a camp (probably not gonna happen)

learning 2swim 

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YAYAYA good luck on ur goals! also ur so real for the first 2 school made me hate reading so much bc of how boring the books are, but if u read stuff u like its so fun!

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omg thank you !! & omg that’s literally so realll !! reading used 2 be soo much funnnn …!!

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books!!! is there a certain genre you're wanting to read more of? or, is it just in general... (also i shall root for the fish too >:0 fish fish fish fish fish!!!)

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(mangas/comic books included) mostly mystery and horror but more in the sense of not actually scary but the feeling something bad might happen (thriller is it called ?), school made me not like reading but it was so fun so im trying 2 bring it back !! & YESSS THANKS 4 THE FISH SUPPORT !!!! (i hope my parents let me !!)★

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