Blinkie Requests???

HELLOOOO um so if anyone finds this,, I'm gonna be making a ton of blinkies to post for people to use on this site since it's super fun. I'll be making them using Blinkies Cafe so if anyone just has a little funni they'd like to see on a blinky then feel free to ask!! It can be about a band or whateveR bahaha.

Please note I'll be posting it to the layouts section with a bunch of others!! ^^

Just comment a little phrase you want on a blinky,, and I'll do it :D

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Hiiiii. Well, I'm from Latin America and the truth is that I would love to see a blinky of my favorite bands but I never find them because the bands are in Spanish. Do you think you could make a pair of Blinkys from "Molotov" and "Soda Stereo"??

I would appreciate it very much!
( have a nice day/night btw )

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Omg I'm so sorry I didn't see this!! Of course I can do that,, I've been away from Spacehey for quite awhile but I'd love to! ^^

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Omgg thanksss

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