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ITS MY BIRTHDAYYYY + where i've been *_*

Been a bit since I've logged in on here but heya! Today is my 17th birthday! Later today I'm gonna be going out for pizza ^_^

So what's been going on? Everything's mostly been fine, aside from the fact that the screen on my tablet broke and I now have to draw on my phone for the time being which is kinda sucky.

I've been living my life, I had a fantastic Christmas and I've been SUPER excited about Doctor Who being back since that shit is my special interest as you know. 

Oh yeah, I also started watching Classic Who recently! I've got a review thread going on Twitter that you can find here:

I'm currently on The Second Doctor! God why are Two and Jamie so gay....

Anyhow, here's my yearly birthday art! I didnt really know what to do for this one.....

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Happy birthday!!

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thank youuuuuu

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