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Eurovision: my opinion on the Netherlands 2022

So I think that I’ll start posting reviews about Eurovision songs because I love Eurovision and what better way to start with (I think) my favorite entry of my home country the Netherlands! I’m talking about S10 who participated for the Netherlands in 2022 with the song ‘de diepte’. 

The song: I LOVE the lyrics, theyre so real. Not any fake emotions you can just feel it comes from her heart. I really like the oooo’s and aaaa’s, initially I was scared that it would sound very bad live but I think she pulled it off. At the end of the performance she softens her voice and her eyes start to tear, you can hear the emotion in her tone and every time it touches me. It’s sublime. The year before this I wished someone sang in Dutch again and then she was announced, I immediately was happy.

The staging: it’s very minimalist and that’s perfect for the song. I think that the lights moving away from her when she sings are very satisfying. I’m not really a fan of her outfit because it looks like a few rags put together. 

More of S10’s work: ‘Adem je in’ is a BEAUTIFUL song and ofcourse in Dutch. I find her accent very nice when she sings “ik zocht al die tijd al…”. 

Anything else I want to say: I would be happy if she participated again. She tweeted on twitter if she could commentate the contest and I would love to hear her opinions while watching the contest. 

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