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Dice and Cards of the Day - Dec. 30, 2023

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Seeing the Quiescent Sword: Distinctions of Three Levels - Yagyu Munenori

“Seeing with the mind is considered basic. It is due to seeing from the mind that the eyes are also effective; therefore seeing with the eyes is subordinate to seeing with the mind.

Next after that is to see with your body feet, and hands. Seeing with your body, feet, and hands means that you don't let your body, feet, or hands miss the inscrutable sword of an adversary.

Seeing with the mind is for the purpose of seeing with the eyes. Seeing with the eyes means aiming your feet and hands at the location of an adversary's inscrutable sword.”

Through embracing change while staying grounded in reality, accepting imperfections within ourselves & others while nurturing self-belief can lead us toward fulfilling life goals underpinned by success & empathetic leadership.

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