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'hate ai, but...'

' is so fun' - get a rp partner. read a fanfic. write a fanfic. literally talk to a person that won't be saying exactly what you want to hear, i promise it's good for you.

'...i can't afford to pay the artist' - ask for a request or artist's permission to use their art with credit.

'...i can't draw' - neither could all the artists you admire when they started, pick up a pencil and learn.

'...i am disabled' - that didn't stop literal amputees from painting traditionally and digitally throughout the history. your shaky hand can be an advantage. there are so many mediums that could be appropriate to you. mental disability doesn't stop you from creating.

''s a privilege to do art' - it's a part of human experience. you can do art too, it comes free with being born.

'...instagram/tiktok/facebook selfie filters are so fun' - you actively helped the government with their facial recognition research to use during riots.

''s just like doing a collage' - collage involves work, preparation and planning from you personally and has to work with materials only available to you at the time.

' covers are so funny' - voiceline editing existed long before ai and is much more creative and funny anyway :) also uses people's voices without their consent.

'...plagiarism is not real and copyright is a capitalist tool of oppression' - copyright is often the only thing that protects small time artists, writers and researchers and ensures their livelihood. stealing from them makes you no better than the companies that keep violating said copyright for their own gain.

''s just harmless fun!' - ai generated revenge porn has become a horrible issue in the last couple of years and the speech and deepfake technology is used in news circles to spread propaganda by using politician's voices. 

ai by itself is just a tool, but seeing and judging it just as this pure innovation in an innocent vacuum is naive. to separate it from the government and negative effects on society, to leave it unchecked and uncriticised is not 'mature and nuanced', it is quite the opposite.

but it's clear why ai is so accepted in the age where people expect everything to be immediately handed to them at the click of a button. 

rant over. whatever.

EDIT: to fix typos and add: about 70% of the AI research right now is conducted by the industry and Not the academia, meaning the results will be biased towards companies and focused mostly on opportunities for profit through AI. government and billionaires don't care about ethics of new technologies, nor their effect on society as long as they can fill their own pocket. to fawn over them is to be their pawn.

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i think ai is just a way to run away from reality, a new form of escapism(if we are talking about roleplaying). but personally i quickly got bored of them, because it's really difficult to make them say what you want. really, it's easier to write your own fanfic than to make them work(
as for art side of ai - isn't it basically stealing, cause bots learn from real artists and steal their artstyle T_T

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actually always makes me sad to see the lack of integrity in ppl ..... u hate ai U dont use ai . its pretty simple in my mind but apparently not ... same w fast fashion usage and wasteful consumption . like if ur against waste why make the waste ? Ugh :/w

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Alto Clef :3

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I'm sorry, but I talk to chatbots on because people WONT talk to me, because they think the way I do things is dumb. I can't get a roleplay partner, and I always credit to the artist if I make a chatbot with their art, sometimes I can't contact them because they have it to where only certain people can DM them. Most of the time I make these bots private when I'm unable to credit, but I still think this is good advice for most people.

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And please don't harass me for this comment, I'm just trying my best with what I have and what I can do.

by Alto Clef :3; ; Report

i see this post got unfortunate enough to get on popular. anyway... i sympathise with your situation and i do not blame you one bit. sadly, companies (through and many chatbots like replika, etc.) like to prey on lonely people, and that's exactly where my problem with AI stands. i understand it is a coping mechanism, but it's a coping mechanism that ultimately doesn't lead anywhere, exactly because there are no other people involved. i did not intend for this post to sprout any harassment, nor i will tolerate any bullying in my comments. please keep in mind that this post was meant as a quick vent and is not as elaborate as my opinion. i wish you all the best.

by sol; ; Report


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I seriously do not get the hype around all this "AI" shit. Firstly its not an AI because that would require it to be congnisent of its actions which it is not. They are learning algorythms not concious beings. Also all the things AI can do is already replicable by people. Are people really that socially inept that they would rather talk to a fucking algorythm that just reach out to people over the internet. THAT WAS LITTERALY WHAT THE INTERNET WAS DESIGNED FOR. FOR INTERACTION WITH OTHER PEOPLE OVER LONG DISTANCES. JUST FUCKING TALK TO PEOPLE. GOD

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But you know what has grown as AI has become more relevent. Ableism. People nowadays acuse any neurodivergent person of using an AI for writing because we dont write the same as other people. There is a whole new breed of ableism soely due to people being lazy and having the algorithym write shit for them. I DONT USE A GODAMN AI FOR ANYTHING I DO YET AM CONSTANTLY ACCUSED OF IT BECAUSE IM FUCKING AUTISTIC. I have a deep rooted hatred for these AI's because of this. I swear to god if anyone tells me that THIS was ai generated I am going to make my own blog post exclaiming how this shit sucks.

by Joeyrony; ; Report


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the primary use of ai ive seen is for strange rule 34 stuff. nobody has the balls to pay someone to draw it, and even if they can make art themselves, adult art takes a weird wmount of dedication to make anything. theyd only wanna make it while theyre horny, but actuwlly making it takes far too long and you get bored because you dont wanna make it anymore. ai art does it fast enough and without the human interaction so it satysfies that need. as an artist myself i really dont think ai is anywhere near as big a deal as its made out to be. i dont care if ai art takes 4 pixels from my drawing, and i really dont think im gonna be losing clients to an ai bot. currently ai is in a state where it can look pretty good, but its still obvious to see that an image is ai generated. i think thats a good middle ground for it since everyone who sees the art would be able to tell, even though it doesnt look horrible.

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good 4 u, unfortunately i think a little bit beyond my own personal gain.

by sol; ; Report

im not sure what im personally gaining from ai here, i dont use it.

by idoblenderstuffs; ; Report

from what you said, i understood that you seem like you don't think that ai is that big of a deal because in the end, you will still be able to make money without it. and it's not incorrect, i will as well. but i focus on general societal view on art, creativity and also how it affects people's mental states and hownit enables companies to exploit others. it also affects education, with chat gpt being used by students, google searches being more and more inaccurate due to ai content and because learning resources keep replacing actual teachers and experts with ai (see: recent duolingo development).

you may not use ai and not care about it much, but to say that it doesn't have aa much influence is... quite ignorant.

by sol; ; Report


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100% this

people getting extremely attached to ai bots really makes me sad & concerned for their mental state. it’s dystopian and depressing

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oh my god this!!!!!

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