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guysss where do i find CHEAP alternative clothing?!?!? i love the style and it suits me but i hate spending money on myself so i would like if its cheap but still niceee :3

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Diy is probably the way to go, there's loads of tutorials on youtube that are beginner friendly. There's not a lot of cheap things because I'm trying to prioritise quality but I'm putting together a list of alternative fashion brands because it's what people on here seem to always need

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as someone who had to at some point spend only a little money, temu is a super duper cheap website!! i only purchased a few shirts from there before i was able to work and buy better clothes from better quality places! but temu would be a good place to start! <3

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isnt temu kinda like what wish was? like rly bad produced stuff? im not sure i never bought from it

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a year ago i bought shirts from there when i really needed cheap clothes, the quality was actually pretty good :)

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rinne🪦(#2 tatum fan)

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You've probably already heard this, but thrifting is usually the best way to do it.

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"thrifting" isnt rly a thing in my country :c there arent any places where you can do that here

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Oh well that really sucks wow. Etsy has some pretty good stuff, and Amazon is also really good but it can sometimes get a little expensive.

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