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One of my favorite albums doesn't exist

The album in question is a "fake" album by the band Bloc Party, Another Weekend In the City. It's called a fake album as it doesn't exist, but is something fanmade, it's a collection of B-Sides and other extras from the band, all from A Weekend In the City. There's multiple different tracklists people throw around, but this is my preferred one:

  1. Version 2.0
  2. The Once and Future King
  3. Cain Said to Abel
  4. Secrets
  5. Selfish Son
  6. Vision of Heaven
  7. We Were Lovers
  8. Rhododendrons
  9. Atonement
  10. England
  11. Emma Kate's Accident
Admittedly haven't listened to the actual AWITC album, but this album is SOOOOOO good, it's got a melancholic feel to most of the songs which I love, it's perfect for moods when I don't wanna listen to anything that's really hard. It's especially noticeable with the second half, starting with Vision of Heaven, you really feel the sort of somber vibes the songs have and I absolutely love it, with Emma Kate's Accident being one of my favorite songs at the moment in particular.
Though I'll admit it's a little tricky trying to find the songs now, they're scattered all throughout various singles and region/retailer specific versions of the album.
Damn, must be developing a cold.

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Audrey ୨୧

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wow I cant believe I found this. this is awesome. I love bloc party. thx XD

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Oh my, I'm on the 10th song and it's a really good "album"
Now that I think about it, I should probably look for some CDs from them :3
Take care with your cough *wink*

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