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im glad youre here !   after reading please check my dni list

my name is aster, i was born and raised on the coastline of the southeast region of brazil. my birth was on may 21th, 2008. i love the place i live a lot

i speak portuguese and a bit of english, i can understand spanish. my timezone is -3

i use any pronouns as i dont really care how people refer to me. assexual, demiromanticlesbian

im very socially anxious, im a introvert and somehow timid person. im very calm and i dont like conflict, i try to be as polite as possible so people dont misunderstand me. im very tone deaf, its hard for me to get jokes, i would be happy if you use tonetags. sorry if i talk with you akwardly, i try my best to interact

i like the color blue; i like to read poetry, manga, the classics™; i like seeing art and making art and art art art art; i like goth and punk; i like animals - my favorites are my dog and gastropods; i like popcorn and the cuscuz my grandma makes; i like to look at the sky; i like to learn about history and philosophy; i like coffee; i like the song ask by the smiths.

describing my personality would be a bit difficult, because i dont think about me a lot. im very childish in a way, i refuse to grow up and let the wonder of seeing the word by the eyes of a child go awaymy way of thinking is completly influenced by yotsuba to since i read it when i was 10 

i think about freedom a lot, i dont want much in life except good friends, food and a roof

i want everyone to be happy

thats it, thank you for reading

i wish you an amazing day :^]

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