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dont interact:

  • conservatives, far right/alt right and other right wingers, ancaps, imperialists, anti-antifa etc
  • nazi "punks", nsbm listeners, boneheads and other scum
  • "apolitical alternative" people
  • perpetuators of any kind of prejudice (homophobia, racism, sexism, etc)
  • "sigmas", "alphas", "red/blackpills", incels, mgtows, terfs
  • proship, lolisho, pedos, zoos

please interact:

i would like to have you as my friend

  • goths, punks, other alts
  • artists of any media
  • wikipedians
  • philosophy/history nerds
  • trees
  • nice people with amazing hearts
  • not so nice people with average hearts (its ok :])

my links:

please read my profile before friend requesting

(i dont accept everyone)

thank you for reading

have a nice day  

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