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The Many Red Flags of Tx2 (masterpost)


You're allowed to listen to whatever music you want, I really don't care. This is just meant to document the problematic behavior/red flags of the artist. Also, I will not tolerate ANY form of bigotry in the comment section. If I see ANY queerphobic or generally bigoted comments directed at tx2 or anyone else, your comment will be reported and deleted. Don't be a piece of shit.

Telling a 19 Year Old to Commit Suicide

The person he targeted was a 19 year old named Lake

Lake's first and second follow up

More Context:

Keep in mind, this is the same guy who says he cares about mental health and wants to use his platform to help people struggling. He targeted someone with a much smaller platform, told them to kill themself, and misgendered them.

Claiming to be Punk

Tx2 constantly is taking about how he's "the future of punk" when he couldn't be the furthest thing from it. Firstly because his music just isn't punk, it's pop-rock, but also because he's the product of a corporation. If you looks at the credits for most of his songs you'll see that he had a lot of paid writers backing his work and doing the heavy lifting. (His real name is Timothy Evan Thomas). This in it of itself is not problematic, but it is important evidence for the rest of my point.

He also has a massive marketing budget, one that's far too big for an artist of his size. Pair that with the fact that extra songwriters can get pretty pricey and the only logical explanation is that a rich record label wanted to cash in on punk teens new to the scene (and therefore didn't fully understand the anti-capitalist politics) so they picked out a generic skinny white boy to perform songs they paid people to help him write. He is the product of capitalism and corporations wanting to cash in on alt kids. He is everything punk is against.

Constantly Changing the Meaning of his Songs for Marketing

Tx2 changes the meaning of his songs quite a few times, but I'll dig into the most damning example. His song Walking Dead Man was marketed as a tribute to his friend who died of addiction. Now honestly the original video is bad enough, the emojis, the caption, the hashtags, the pinned comment. It's very unserious and reeks of corporate marketing for something that's meant to tribute a dead person.
Then the Christmas season reared it's head. Tx2 posted a video on his instagram to once again market the song. Unlike the youtube short, he characterizes it as a song about hating christmas. Not only does it display his corporate backing, but it's also quite gross. Let me remind you, the song is "meant" to tribute a dead person!
(You can also get a shirt based off of the song for $30, how respectful.)

Other Examples

The Weird Jokes

The Constant Sexualization of Alt Women (aka the Goth Dommy Mommy Saga)


To wrap this lengthy post, Tx2 is a corporate industry plant with no shame, dignity, or respect for the music scene he's in. It's clear he only exists so rich guys at big record labels can make a quick buck off of naive kids who are just getting into punk. If you're looking for good music and genuine artistic expression, he's not for you.

Author's Note:

I will continue to update this masterpost as I get more information

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Btw I believe "Timothy Evan Thomas" is him, as his real name is Evan Thomas

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I could be wrong but his spotify description says his real name is Fort Collins

by finch_kid; ; Report

No it says he's from Fort Collins, which is a place in Colorado

by frank; ; Report

oml i was about to comment this before you replied but i just fucking realized Fort Collins is where he's FROM , my bad. I'll edit the post to clarify

by finch_kid; ; Report

He's still a piece of shit and I do doubt if he writes his own music or if he just gives his writers/producers a gist and then gets songwriting credit

by frank; ; Report

either way the music is shitttt

by finch_kid; ; Report

You can HEAR how bad and 100% computer generated the instruments are, you can hear the shittily tuned and mixed vocals are

by frank; ; Report

Like if you're gonna use garage band samples in your music at least make it sound good my guy

by frank; ; Report

it's so obvious he's grifting, if you listen to his older music he was originally a failed rapper

by finch_kid; ; Report

MGK dick rider, if you look at his artist playlists on spotify, he considers mgk, beartooth, lil peep, and call me karizma emo (and nirvana too wtf??)

by frank; ; Report

NIRVANA???? i actually need him to shut the fuck up

by finch_kid; ; Report

He should not have any opinions on music if he thinks nirvana is emo

by frank; ; Report

real, he needs to lose all internet access

by finch_kid; ; Report

sewerwolf ⋆

sewerwolf ⋆ 's profile picture

i've been over him since he tried to ue the m*rd*r of nex benedict for clout. he's also made a new video using sa as a shock factor. he also can't handle criticism,, like if ur gonna put urself out there & then not be able to take it when someone dislikes u , u shouldn't be in the public eye !!

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isnt this the "im a 5'4 manwhore who slit his wrist" guy- not surprised at any of this in the slightest just based on that

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the song itself is whatever but the way he kept just repromoting it whenever anyone asked if he was alright (when the lyrics literally say "this is a cry for help") combined with all of this is kinda???

by citronella!; ; Report

M0RB1D&MAYH3M 🖤💜🤍💛 & 🍉

M0RB1D&MAYH3M 🖤💜🤍💛 & 🍉's profile picture

this is so real. i also heard he’s just a genuine asshole so..

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i pretty much ignored him after i say his first weird “goth girl” video

by M0RB1D&MAYH3M 🖤💜🤍💛 & 🍉; ; Report

yeah, those are so gross

by finch_kid; ; Report


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I kinda liked his songs (even thou they're not the best), but the goth dommy mommy thing reallly put me off

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jamie :3

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AGREED... his videos are annoying as hell like in general he just seems super unauthentic

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somebody finally said it!

he's just mashing in punk and emos to attract kids into thinking they are rock and edgy.

╭∩╮( •̀_•́ )╭∩╮

i'm glad someone spoke the truth about this.

much respect!

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by finch_kid; ; Report


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Wow, you nailed him. I’ll steer clear of this one.

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by finch_kid; ; Report