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A cool idea that will never happen

So I just recently learned about Toro Inoue, a cat from Sony that wants to be human.

He was used in an old Japanese ps1 game called Doko Demo Issyo, which was a digital pet of sorts. I tried playing the game on psp but it requires knowledge of Japanese. Despite passing Japanese 3 in 10th grade last year, I am nowhere near enough skilled to understand what is happening in the game, and Toro talked too fast for me to keep up.

The main idea of the game is you care for your little pet, of which there were like 5 choices (I picked Toro of course). You teach them words, decorate their apartment, and go on little trips with them (like just going on a walk).

Where I'm going with this is I want something like this on PC. I want my desktop to have Toro's apartment (with him in it) and basically just his game but on my computer but in English. The main problem with this idea is that I would never actually trust it because a lot of digital pets on windows end up being spyware of some kind, and I don't want that.

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Another idea is the chao garden from Sonic Adventure 2, but in literally any modern game. I would play any modern game if it recreated chao garden in a way that had the same magic as the one in Adventure 2. Bonus points if it does the gamecube thing where you could get special chao from other games, specifically you could get a chao from Phantasy Star Online.

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