What's your favorite horror movie?

I must know to add a few new ones to my list of things to watch, I'm running out of movies!! 

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I'm a huge fan of horror movies
For horror comedy I recommend the lobster and for a older one my favorite is especially eyes without a face

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i am not like a huge horrormovie watcher, but weirdest one i have watched is MEN and Tusk. Something way softer is annihilation. not really scary at all. Also saw and bird box if that can be counted as horror.

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The Thing (1982)

Watching this for the first time, in my opinion, is horrifying. There's this cosmic horror element of not knowing what "The Thing" actually is. Then, it switches from "what is it" to "WHO is it" and I really love the constant mystery and paranoia that flows throughout this movie.

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Dark Water (2002) watched it recently. atmospheric and creepy.

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The Curse of Kazuo Umezu a terrifying anime ova.

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my current fav horror film has to be Nope (2022).

the sound design is what creeps me out the most like holy shit, dude. it is as if that creepy thing were over your head this whole time.

not to mention that there's also TWO scenes that gonna make you totally uncomfortable for the whole night.

it's fun, creepy, thrilling and a must watch.

you're not gonna look at the cloud the same way next time.

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Omg! I've heard about it but haven't watched it yet, thanks for reminding me :O I'll watch it tonight before bed, I'll let you know what I think ;P

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enjoy!!! (°▽°)/

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