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im nearing the end of highschool and its getting closer to me deciding colleges. at first i didnt have a clue, but then i just figured id go into stem (mechanical engineering specifically) because its the most interesting high paying job for me. 

i want to be able to travel out of the country for college, but thats a bit to ambitious for now. so i was thinking ill go to one of the close colleges thats fortunately some of the best in my area. so ill go to one of them then transfer to a college abroad. 

i was thinking germany, since its good for engineers and germany is just pretty cool. a few of my relatives lived there for a while and said that it was a nice country. going to a country far frome home where im not native in the language makes me nervous though. i have plenty of time to learn it of course, and german is a easier language to learn as an english speaker, but my anxiety tells me ill be as"flluent" as a parrot.

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you're going to do okay, buddy. it's alright to be nervous at start but don't let it get to your head once you're there. this is your next big step in life and this will tremendously affect your whole future starting from then. don't let other people screw you and give it everything you've got for the next step even if it's sucks or good.

best of luck, pals! (⌒‿⌒)

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tysm!! ^^

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