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My actual about me

I’m Kade! My pronouns are he/him. I’m a autistic minor. I am a furry (ANTI-ZOO), a cosplayer, a editor, a digital artist, and I make Kandi. My current hyperfixations are project sekai (a few months), Fnaf (about 2 years), and making edits (6-ish months). I really like scene, emo, and  menhera. My xenogenders are: Miku-masic (a gender related to Hatsune miku and being masculine), fursuitpawic (feeling a deep connection to fursuit paws and the feeling of wearing them), hellokittycafegender (a gender related to a deep connection with the game my hello kitty cafe in Roblox), Sundropluver (a gender related to the deep love of the character sun/ Sundrop from the game five nights at Freddy’s security breach), cyberdream (a gender where your gender is related to cyber things and dreams), virtualboy (a gender based around being a virtual boy in the virtual world), fnafluver (a gender based on a love of the game franchise five nights at Freddy’s), fnafspinnic (a gender related to having Fnaf as one of you autistic hyperfixations/ special interests),  Krisgender (a gender related to feeling like the character Kris from the game deltarune). Sorry that was so long😭

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