'therian hunters' are fucking stupid.

So.. I've been on Therian TikTok before and things like that because of Furry TikTok.

And therians are awesome! Really kind people too. And what people do on there is really creative and fun! Like the masks! They look awesome! And the quadrobics? Fucking AMAZING!! It takes a lot of strength to actually jump as high as they do.

But then their comment sections are filled with shit from so-called 'therian hunters'.

Which is stupid because, first of all, most of the therians you're talking about 'hunting' are cat theriotypes or dog theriotypes. I'm sorry? But, you hunt dogs and cats? I'd be more afraid of you and your mental health if that's true..

Second, that's a living, breathing person you're talking about. That'd account as murder of another human being and you'd be sent straight to jail! And the court'd probably think you're absolutely insane if you tried to reason with "well, they thought they were an animal, so i decided to hunt them just like one!"

Anyways, thanks for reading.

DCG out!

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🍉 gommy shork 🦈

🍉 gommy shork 🦈's profile picture

AKKSJDJDJ I don’t have a tiktok but as a therian I FEEL THIZ- itz the worst srsly like. Stfu Jonny, aren’t you too young to be on the internet anyway??

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_kotakarnage_'s profile picture

"Looks like it's hunting season " I'm in your fucking walls.

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☆✮ blazko ✮☆ (#3 dolly fan)

☆✮ blazko ✮☆ (#3 dolly fa...'s profile picture

i used to think they were “cringe” but oh my god those so called hunters are so cringe and js made me realise how therians are mostly CHILDREN and are doing nthing wrong. Like r u admitting you want to kill children???

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Shu˚✧'s profile picture

REAL like those hunters are just sad they can't have the creative mind to actual do something out the " norm ". Their like programmed robots that hurt anything slightly different from their self's ۰ ۪۪۫۫ · 🩰

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mitty's profile picture

i feel like its just the evolution of the otherkin-cringe and antikin blogs on tumblr lol. the internet is literally just cyclical i swear to god. its like that furry war that happened on there but less good-faith people messing about on either side

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Jesse's profile picture

Btw quadrobics, masks, tails etc are more of a "culture" we have, they aren't part of therianthropy, they don't mean anything other than for the owner itself. But ty for being supportive, we need more people like you. And the end? You're so right, they could be sent to jail for this.

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i know, i was just talking about the tiktok side where most of those things are more common to be shown. very sorry for the misunderstanding! ^^'

by 🌈DeadClownGutz𖤐; ; Report


✮PitterAarav✮'s profile picture

I'm sorry I had to look up what a therian is and THATS SO MECORE??? I knew there was a word for that but I'm so glad it's popular enough now for me to find out what it is ;0;
As for "therian hunters", it's the same with people who dislike furries. Most likely a teenager who's more bark than bite. I don't see what would be the point in using up time for hate rather than doing something productive or enjoyable.

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If you need help to understand therianthropy Better i could help :3 I helped a friend understand that they were a therian and what kind ^^

by Jesse; ; Report

I think I've got the gist of it so far, but some tips would definitely be appreciated. o(〃^▽^〃)o

by ✮PitterAarav✮; ; Report


PICO ⌖'s profile picture

probably just a bunch of 15 year old boys named justin who raid 12 year olds discord servers in their free time doing it to impress their friends

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xXHyper-CryptidXx's profile picture

this is pretty much why i dont use tiktok lol, plus i cant do quadrobics n i dont wanna make one of those masks. I mainly talk about being a therian on tumblr and i havnt seen any "therian hunters" there.

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yeah, it just seems that "therian hunters" are mainly on TikTok, probably because it's a bit platform and easier to find certain things.

by 🌈DeadClownGutz𖤐; ; Report

yeah, also its very mainstream, everyone is on tiktok nowadays

by xXHyper-CryptidXx; ; Report

ehh, yeah. well, mostly everyone, some people aren't but majority are.

by 🌈DeadClownGutz𖤐; ; Report


[AUTOPLAY] PUPPET_MASTER's profile picture

Therian hunters want to be edgy so fucking bad its stupid

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