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DNI because I don’t want it in my bio

For the ones that I don’t like, also DNI if you defend them. DNI: fuj0sh!s, pr0-sh!ppers, z00s, boyfriends fans, p3d0/l0l!s, people who would say ky$ to someone (joking or not)who is not comfortable with that, Scott pilgrim defenders, Elvis defender, Taylor Swift defender (if you don’t know why check the later half of this video https://youtu.be/ujwpgLEO-5U?si=klBbg2aIptbSsYTC aka “we need to talk about inappropriate age gaps” by Nikki Carreon), anti-furry, anti-therian, anti-xenogender, if you hate “TikTok cod fans” you are annoying shut up. It’s not that deep I promise, and if you are just mean. I will not budge on these at all so if you are any of these. Edit: and usually people who are older than 17 if we haven’t actually previously interacted.

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