Merry Christmas!!

Im doing the annual Christmas haul blog from my phone this year, so I apologize if the images are messed up.

This Christmas has been the most impressive (and shocking) one ever, not only did I a get an NEW PHONE but I also got a PRACTICE AMP, AND A PORTABLE RECORD PLAYER!!!!!

Im honestly shocked, never in my life have I gotten 3 really expensive gifts on one day, and this is after my mom told me we were gonna have a small Christmas this year o_O 


List of everything in the images:

-honeytone practice amp 

-instrument cable

-sweetwater sticker 

-video cassettes and a charging dock for my cam quarter 

-a clay craft kit 

-iPhone X  ((☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆))

-really cozy pair of socks 

-mini notebook 

I also got the aforementioned portable record player, a cross necklace, purple glitter in a jar on a necklace, brown fingerless gloves (these last three things are from my boyfriend x3 ) and a fuck ton of candy. 

Im so excited and happy for all of these gifts, I thought it was gonna be impossible to have another Christmas where I felt like a kid getting the coolest toys ever but here I am 

I hope everyone had an amazing day and I hope all that’s left of this year is amazing days for everyone<3

Merry Christmas!!! Happy holidays!!!! ^_____^

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scourge the jeff the killer

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MERRY LATE CHRIDTMAS!!!!!!! DAS SO KEWLLL i got i got sum dead kennedys cds and green day cds n sonic for the xbox 360 im so excited about them

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Ooo that sounds so cool !!! I’m glad you had a good Christmas too!!! ^^

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