Blood infections

This is what a relapse looks like

what a waste

I come back to this like it's a habit

But it looks so pretty that I'm not complaining.

I won't complain if it's not because of the confusion in your eyes

sunday morning

As a memory of my sad night

I find my knife near my pillow

As proof of something important

I have to clean my room after my depressing weekend.

Maybe you want to dance

But I feel like crying

But if we have to agree on something

It's just that we have to stay on the floor

Calmed by the smoke of my sobriety

something I want to try

Burn bright in my existential crisis

I return to that place

Like a drug I can't quit

Nothing mocks me

But if you find peace of mind in my complete misfortune

I can't blame you

Don't hate me, don't hurt me

Who am I for your heart to deny?

It is a beautiful memory, even though it is alien.

A beautiful memory of the times I cried from helplessness

I cried from helplessness because I couldn't say "thank you"

Well they managed to save my life

I don't allow myself to see beyond you

I can't show my insides, what do they know?

I'll show you my world

If I still see the sky

Condemned without remedy

You are literally dying,

Why do you keep smiling?

I don't understand my own mind

There is no coherent answer

I only know that the pain feels good

In their songs if you want to get lost

No one would care anyway

Nothing lasts forever

Did you ever consider it?

You use your sentence to create art.


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