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Divination’s Destiny - Quest for the Golden Plates

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About the Author: Nora Lumwood, affectionately known as "The Bass-Playing Baroness," was born in the fifth age of Gielinor to Prifddinas Elven nobility and an industrious half-dryad count. Currently residing between Lumwood Manor and New Order Burthrope Guild Chambers, Nora is happily committed to her boyfriend Jasper, who she often refers to as her muse. Being a demi-goddess of benevolence and eternal undying happiness herself, Nora shares her home with various divine creatures including pixies and sprites - they're more than just pets; they are family. When not strumming bass for Some Distant Memory or creating enchanting art pieces on city walls alongside Jasper, Nora loves collecting artifacts from different eras of the human world - particularly those that hark back to Europe’s 1980s punk rock scene. She also has a soft spot for art-house films and anime. Nora is best known for her work at NORS record label where she writes music & lyrics reviews while also producing cooking lifestyle videos and RuneScape gaming content.


This story is dedicated to all dreamers out there who dare defy norms and create their own paths - much like our very own Jasper. To those brave hearts who believe in magic even when faced with adversity; this tale unfolds especially for you. 

Table of Contents

1: The Unexpected Journey

2: A Brush With Destiny

3: Love Amongst Chaos

4: Shards Of Hope

5: The Artistic Rebellion

6: Unveiling Shadows

7: Oolong’s Surprise

8: Treasure Hunt At FYE

9: Street Party Uprising

10:The Confrontation

11:Sword And Secrets

12:Tales From Gi-Gi's Cafe

1: The Unexpected Journey

IMG-0697 In an enchanting realm filled with ancient forests and mystical cities built atop magical ley lines; brave adventurers embark on their quest:

As they wander along an old cobblestone path deep within Lumwood Forest, they come across a peculiar stone tablet covered in cryptic symbols…

Suddenly, the baroness mascot Nora appears before them with a cloud of pink smoke. IMG-0722

“Welcome dear heroes!” Nora exclaims playfully as she twirls around gracefully. “You’ve stumbled upon an ancient riddle left behind by long-lost civilizations!”

With her help & expertise in divination, she offers clues about solving this enigmatic puzzle:

“The key lies within these symbols… Pay close attention as they hold powerful secrets waiting to be unraveled.”

Our adventurers gather around the mysterious stone tablet - their eyes scanning every detail & contemplating possible solutions.

IMG-0797 Kid Vid points his remote at the tablet, translating its dead language into English so he can read what it says: “Take back the plates of gold with aquamarine gems and etched with the name of a Barren of a true kingdom from the thieves’ gallery.”

"Ah-ha!” Nora exclaims with sparkling eyes. “It seems we're on a treasure hunt now - for plates of gold adorned with aquamarine gems etched and the name of a Baron from a true kingdom!"

The air around us suddenly crackles with energy as she pulls out an ancient-looking map from her bag. She points at it dramatically.

"The thieves' gallery is hidden deep within these treacherous mountains," she says, pointing towards jagged peaks on the map that are ominously marked ‘Danger Ahead.’ IMG-0730

"But worry not,” Nora reassures everyone confidently as she grins at their wide-eyed expressions. “For no thief or danger can stand in our way!”

2: A Brush With Destiny

IMG-0746“Whoa!" Nora exclaims dramatically as she hears Max Headroom delivering the news on a screen at the tavern they're feasting in.

"The Cult of The Black Mouse? A bomb threat?" She gasps before quickly regaining her composure.

She stands up on their table - drawing curious looks from fellow adventurers around them - and addresses her team with an air of determination:

"We cannot stand by while these villains threaten innocent lives! We need to act swiftly!"IMG-0756

With that declaration, she leaps off the table and leads everyone out of the tavern towards where Max Headroom indicated on his broadcast.

They rush through bustling streets filled with worried citizens towards the local theme park.

As our heroes approach the heart-pounding scene at Chuck E. Cheese's amusement park, they can't help but feel a rush of adrenaline and a sense of duty to save the day. IMG-0910

With an unexpected twist, Chuck E. Cheese himself takes control over the intercom system at the ticket booth! He bravely stands against The Cult of Black Mouse and their menacing plans to rebrand his family-owned business under their dark standards.

His voice echoes through speakers scattered across the park: "Evacuate immediately!" he warns with urgency in his tone. His message sends waves of panic among visitors who quickly begin to leave.

But wait... there's more drama unfolding! IMG-0808

A roller coaster operator high on drugs has abandoned his post leaving one poor soul trapped atop this towering beast! This person is morbidly obese making it even harder for them to be rescued if they manage to bring down that monstrous ride.

Their hearts race as we realize what needs to be done next - saving this man from such a precarious situation would require all hands on deck! IMG-1006

As the chaos unfolds at Chuck E. Cheese's amusement park, Jasper steps forward with his banjolele – that charming instrument playing as sweetly as his heart beats for Nora. As he strum away, coaxing out an irresistible tune, he calls upon the man stuck on top of the roller coaster ride to dance along. 0-F53-CD33-117-C-4-BB9-B71-A-35-A2-FEC1-C70-A

Seeing this unfold from below, Nora can't help but join in on the fun! With a playful wink and a swift motion, she snatches up a giant tub of popcorn from another hefty spectator nearby and hurls it upwards towards the stranded man. The golden kernels burst open into fluffy white clouds mid-air before they rain down onto him - greasing him up just enough to loosen his grip.

Now comes Nature’s Sentinel (still shrouded in mystery), who steps forth wielding their power over wind itself! They summon a gust strong enough to lift our buttery friend off his perilous perch atop the roller coaster car and gently lower him back down onto solid ground. IMG-0943

Amidst all this excitement and applause from those still present despite evacuation orders, Chuck E. Cheese himself fires the neglectful ride operator right then and there! IMG-1016

But wait... what's that we see? A dark shadow looming over us? Could it be members of The Cult of Black Mouse making their move under cover of this commotion?

3: Love Amongst Chaos

As fireworks explode high above us – courtesy of Kid Vid's quick thinking – we all watch in awe as he saves the day by launching away what could have been disaster! His goggles reflecting off the bright sparks flying through the sky give him an air of heroism that makes everyone cheer even louder. IMG-0814

As everyone starts moving towards Pasquale’s Pizzeria for some well-deserved pizza party fun post bomb scare drama – Wendy spots something amiss: A hooded figure among the crowd going into the pizzeria! She quickly alerts us using her signature sassiness saying "Guys...we've got company!"IMG-0857
nerd face emojis

Just as she says this though, there's suddenly an uproar from inside Pasquale’s Pizzeria! Could it be another threat or simply someone who didn’t get their pepperoni? Only one way to find out…

As our party enters the pizzeria, they see the hooded figure brandishing their red lightsaber on the way to the kitchen Pasquale is coming out of. Wiithout warning, the hooded figure lodges a red lightsaber at an animatronic of Chuck E. Cheese; cutting of its head and causing it to fall and hit Pasquale in the head and knock him out as the weapon returns to the wielder. IMG-0862

With Pasquale knocked unconscious by the hooded figure's lightsaber attack on Chuck E. Cheese animatronic, chaos erupts inside the pizzeria! Families scramble in panic while some brave souls attempt to protect their loved ones from any further danger. IMG-1013

The party springs into action! Jasper strums his banjolele creating a soothing melody that calms everyone down amidst this madness. Wendy uses her quick thinking and agility to disarm the hooded figure before they can cause more damage. IMG-0878

The mysterious assailant stands revealed – none other than one of The Cult of Black Mouse members trying to seek revenge after Kid Vid thwarted their bomb plot earlier! IMG-0885

After a loud noise is heard coming from the kitchen, Wendy runs into to see what the commotion is. She sees another hooded figure running around holding a small cage and a longnet while dishes and containers come crashing down all around. IMG-0889

Wendy bravely confronts the hooded figure causing chaos in the kitchen. With quick thinking (and maybe a little help from Guthix), she manages to snatch away the butterfly cage just before things get out of hand! IMG-1117

Wendy watches as Chuck Jr. dives into the butterfly cage she is holding. She quickly closes the cage door behind him just as the hooded figure inches closer with impressive Bo staff skills.

Thinking fast on her feet, Wendy shouts out: "Look over there! A rare crystal-winged butterfly!" The hooded figure hesitates for a moment before turning towards where Wendy pointed. IMG-1116

Seizing this opportunity, Wendy grabs Chuck Jr.'s paw through the bars of the cage and whispers: "Hold tight!" She then leaps out the open window and up onto a nearby tree branch with incredible agility - thanks to her demi-goddess powers - pulling Chuck Jr.'s tiny body along safely within his protective cage. 0-FB96-EB5-6-F7-C-4-FCB-887-F-EB40-FEDD1511

From their newfound vantage point above ground level, they watch as the hooded figure searches frantically below them for any signs of their escape or that elusive crystal-winged butterfly.

Pasquale follows the hooded figure out the window below the tree and nicks his neck with an aluminum pizza paddle.

Just as Pasquale nicks the hooded figure's neck with his aluminum pizza paddle, a gasp escapes from beneath the mysterious cloak. The hooded figure stumbles back in surprise but quickly recovers their footing.

Pasquale smirks triumphantly and yells up towards Wendy: "Go find help! I've got this under control!" With that brave declaration, he squares off against the hooded figure – pizza paddle at the ready! B9-C92-D4-C-4-FF8-4830-A6-CC-4-C6-EB9-D94459

Wendy nods in agreement before leaping gracefully from tree branch to tree branch in search of assistance. Meanwhile, Chuck Jr., still safely nestled inside his butterfly cage, watches anxiously as Pasquale engages in an epic battle below.

The rhythmic clashing of butterfly net against pizza paddle echoes through the forest like a symphony of intense combat. Who will prevail? Will Wendy return with reinforcements? Our thrilling adventure continues...

4: Shards Of Hope

Wendy stands face-to-face with the captain of a troll ranger squad deep within the forest. Chuck Jr., still safely inside his cage, watches nervously as Wendy quickly assesses her situation. 

 With all her charm and wit she says: "Greetings! We come seeking help against a hooded figure threatening our friends back there!" The captain raises an eyebrow curiously before replying cautiously: "And why should we trust you?" 

 Wendy glances at Chuck Jr., who nods encouragingly. "Because we have pizza! Will you join us in our fight?" 

 The captain's eyes narrow as he studies Wendy and Chuck Jr., sensing their sincerity. After a moment, he nods in agreement: "Very well. I’ll aid you." 

 Together with their new troll ranger ally, they race back to where Pasquale is bravely battling the hooded figure.

 Pasquale turns to see where the sound of branches snapping came from, causing him to let his guard down and get hit so hard in the stomach that something red leaks through his apron and he falls back fainting. 

 Believing that Pasquale is defeated, the hooded figure attempts to retreat, but the troll ranger pulls from the bag of rocks on his back and throws one at his head; knocking him out. While checking on Pasquale, Wendy finds out that the hooded figure only managed to pop the sauce packet in his apron before the chef fainted. 

 Wendy quickly tends to Pasquale while keeping an eye on the unconscious hooded figure. The troll ranger stands guard over their defeated foe as they wait for reinforcements from their clanmates who were alerted earlier. 

 Once everyone arrives at the scene, they work together to interrogate the hooded figure and uncover his motives behind attacking Chuck Jr. Meanwhile, Wendy takes care of her dear friend Pasquale; ensuring he recovers from this unexpected ordeal. 

 Chuck senior hits the hooded figure in the shin with a breadstick during the interrogation to find out that the plan was to take Chuck junior hostage as a means to negotiate the take over of his amusement park. The hooded figure discloses the hideout of the Cult of The Black Mouse and Chuck senior says junior should join the party as a forager in case the cult returns to the park. The troll ranger general also agress to lend his team to the protection of the park. 

 Wendy rallies everyone together for a daring rescue mission at The Black Mouse Cult hideout while Chuck junior joins them as their trusty forager. 

5: The Artistic Rebellion 

They tread carefully through dark corridors filled with traps until finally reaching where the cult members are holed up. The ensuing battle is fierce yet victorious thanks to teamwork and quick thinking.

 But what do they find inside the hideout apart from defeated enemies? Any secret plans or hidden treasures waiting around? 

 Kid Vid uses his remote control to open a locked file cabinet containing the deeds to three other places that have been taken over by the Cult of The Black Mouse. Rather than going to the media, which will draw attention to other deposits of the Cult elsewhere; they all decide to return the deeds in person. 

 While wearing his neck bandana backwards with his finger pointed up, Jasper says “let’s split up gang!”

 The party splits up into three pairs, leaving room for further developements in character, chemistry, and satire to further expand the story.

 Wendy and Kid Vid are headed to a mall, with Wendy leading the way as they exit the hideout and Kid Vid trailing behind in a kind of slouchy dance and hands behind his back under his giant back pack overflowing with mechanical parts including the animatronic head. 

 Jasper and Nora are set to go to a local college campus that the cult took over for the purpose of re-education, but before they go Nora backs Jasper into a corner and says, “So you’re the leader now?” 

 Jasper responds, “I was just trying to-“ 

 “Get some alone time with me?” She interrupts cooly while forcing a kiss on him. 

 Nature’s Sentinel with Chuck Jr. in his arms watch the others and roll their eyes as they prepare to leave for the Grand Prix Amusement Park. Sentinel turns to Junior and says, “Like, looks like it’s just you and me June.” 

6: Unveiling Shadows


7: Oolong’s Surprise 

IMG-1091 IMG-1092

8: Treasure Hunt At FYE


9: Street Party Uprising

IMG-1094 IMG-1095 

10:The Confrontation

11:Sword And Secrets

12:Tales From Gi-Gi's Cafe 

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